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Amazing is the first word that comes to mind. My English Cocker would often strain against the choke chain. Within a minute of using the new collar he was walking comfortably at heel. Finger light pressure is all it takes to correct him when needed. Now that he understands walking at heel is not intended to be a tug of war, he is smoothly transitioning to walking at heel without a lead. Good workmanship and less stress for both me and my dog.

Bill Boyt

Awesome collars. I have a small boarding and daycare business and always showing my clients in about 2 or 3 minutes how I can transform their dogs to walk properly or nicely on your collar plus tell them to go to your website. I have bought 2 collars myself to demo them plus tell them why it's important to go to your website that they are the best.

Elaine S.

The sizing is perfect - thanks to the video. The collar is amazing, and has made a great difference in our training. My dog is excited enough when he sees it come out that his tail gets all wiggly because he knows he's going to do something fun. My breeder recommended this for me, and it's been great. Thank you!

Liza Jane

We ordered one Keeper Collar for our then 1.5 year old German Shepherd last November and today we received another Keeper Collar for our 9 months old German Shepherd. They are well made, look great and the dogs are so much easier to handle with them on! Since there are no prongs in the middle I don't think the collar could hurt the dogs and I've never heard them yelp wearing them.

Claus Pelz

I love love love this well made collar. I have a GSD that must wear a prong collar. Because I have arthritis I am not able to use a regular prong collar. But this one is so easy to use. I saw this recommended on the German Shepard Man website and I immediately bought one.