3/4 Inch Wide Keeper Collead Combination Lead and Martingale Collar

Keeper Collars


A combination lead and martingale collar made with 3/4 inch wide black nylon web through the entire leash from handle to clip for strength. The Collar portion has decorative ribbon with coordinating leather lining.

The leather lined collar section is available in 7 inch to 12 inch lengths in 1 inch increments. Keeper Colleads are only recommended for dogs who wear a standard collar size up to 16 inches. Keeper Colleads are NOT recommended for larger dogs.

You have a choice of five different ribbons for the collar, each with coordinating chrome or brass hardware. You may also select whether you would like a snap buckle on the collar (pictured) or no snap buckle.

Whether you select the snap buckle option or not, the martingale portion is extra long so that the lead can slip over the dog’s head easily. Selecting the snap buckle option allows you to leave the martingale adjustment set when putting the Keeper Collead on or taking it off of the dog.

Keeper Colleads come in a 4 foot length. The 4 foot length is measured from the top of the handle loop to where the martingale portion begins. The overall length of the Keeper Collead will be between 5 and 6 feet, depending on the collar size selected.

When ordering the Keeper Collead, you will need to select which ribbon, leather and webbing you would like, whether you would like a plastic snap buckle or not and the length of the leather lined collar portion.