1 Inch Webbing Custom Night Walker Lead

Keeper Collars


The Night Walker lead is a reflective Hands Free lead. The stitching along the length of the webbing is reflective

The Night Walker is available in three lengths of 1 inch wide webbing, 5 feet, 6 feet and 7 feet. The Night Walker can be adjusted in length and worn over the shoulder or or used like a regular lead. 

There is a double ring slider that can be used to change the length to adjust it into an over the shoulder lead or back to a regular lead.  Please click on the photo for more images that show how the Night Walker is put together.

The two rows of reflective stitching built into the nylon webbing gives both you and your dog some added safety in low light conditions.

The Night Walker is available in Hot Pink, Red, Orange,Teal, Black, Blue or Camo webbing, all with the silver reflective stitching, black leather lining in the handle, and chrome hardware.