How to choose a collar

Collar Styles

Standard Flat Collar

The Standard Flat Collar is our most basic collar. Sliding metal double ring for size adjustment and includes a leash/ID tag ring. 

Hidden Prong Collar

The Keeper Hidden Prong collar. Featuring a snap buckle and adjustable tug so that the collar can be custom fit to your dog and remain high on the dog's neck without being too tight. Middle prong gap to protect the dog’s trachea.

Limited Slip

The Limited Slip style collar design has a tug that pulls from one side only. It can be adjusted for size to be LARGER than the ordered size but cannot be made smaller than the size ordered. If you order it without a buckle, be sure that the collar will slide over the widest part of the
dog’s head.

Keeper Style Martingale

The Keeper Style Martingale uses the same tug design as the Keeper Hidden Prong collar with a sliding metal double ring that allows you to change how far the martingale can loosen. Available with or without a plastic snap buckle.

Vegas Style Martingale

The Vegas Style martingale. This is a limited slip design that features a tug that pulls in one direction rather than from the center. Vegas Style collars feature a matching ribbon on the tug. Available with or without a snap buckle. There is no size adjustment to the Vegas Style.

Loop Martingale

The Loop Martingale. This is a more traditional martingale design with a loop of nylon webbing with no adjustment slide as in the Keeper Style martingale. Because there is no adjustment slide, we can include matching ribbon on the loop. Available with and without a snap buckle.

Chain Martingale

Functions like the loop martingale, but replaces the webbing loop with chain. Offered with or without a snap buckle. Available in chrome only.

Fitting your collar

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KC Standard Prong Sizes

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Prong Options

Additional Options

Embroided Collars

Embroidery, up to 14 charaters, available for our custom hidden prong collars and custom standard flat collars.


Brass or chrome hardware available for every collar style.

Swarovski Crytals

Swarovski crystal embellished collars.

Stacked Leather

Double or triple stacked leather layers.

COBRA® Buckles

Extra strength collar buckles, tested up to 2000 lbs.


Hunderds of ribbon options available in several widths.

Leather Buckle

Replaces the snap buckle with a heavy duty leather strap and buckle.

Chain Martingale

This option replaces the nylon web martingale with one made from chain.