1 Inch Triple-Dog-Dare-Ya Collars

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    Triple-Dog-Dare Ya Collar is a double leather lined collar made with 1 inch webbing. 

    The Triple-Dog-Dare-Ya collars have a double leather lining and instead of a ribbon accent, there is leather on top of the web.

    With the leather the finished collar is just over 1 1/2 inches wide depending on variances in individual leather hides.

    Just select:

    • The size of the collar

    • The style of the collar, Keeper Flat, Keeper Martingale, Loop Martingale or Vegas Style (To see how the styles differ, refer to the Collar Styles page)

    Please note:

    • All collars in this item include a snap buckle

    • If you want a martingale or Vegas stye collar WITHOUT a buckle, that will require additional measurements of the dog's head to ensure that the collar will fit. Please contact us by phone or email for help with ordering

    • Flat collars do not include any way to install prongs

    This collar comes with chrome hardware and a snap buckle.  The snap buckle color and tug color will be selected by us to compliment the other components of the collar.

    25 products