Add a Second Leather Lining

Keeper Collars


If you ordered a Keeper Collar™ or Keeper Flat Collar that has just a single leather lining but now you've decided that you'd like to add a second leather lining to your order, we can do that! 

Just add this item to your cart and a menu will pop up and allow you to select the color of leather that you want to add.

Please note that the second leather will make the collar about 1/4 inchwider than the original collar width.

The leather lining has several advantages:

  1. It protects the dog’s coat from wear due to the nylon webbing.

  2. Protects the structural core of the collar (the nylon webbing) from wearing out.

  3. It protects the wider ribbon edges from wearing.

  4. The width that the leather adds to the collar helps to conceal the prongs.

  5. It just looks good!

You will be billed for the additional cost for the leather lining but there will be no shipping charge.

 Addition of an upgrade to a collar will make that collar into a Custom Collar and the collar will become non-returnable for any reason other than workmanship.