Add Large Prongs on a Keeper Collar

Keeper Collars


This option will replace the standard medium size (2.3mm) prongs (Our medium prongs are equivalent to Sprenger small size) with large size prongs (3.2mm).

This option will NOT add prongs to a flat collar!  If you want a collar with prongs you must first order a Keeper Collar with prongs.  This option only changes the size of the prongs from medium to large.

Please read the prong information on our Sizing page before selecting this option. If you're ordering Large Prongs it will make the collar fit tighter. Please consider rounding up to the nearest inch.

We do not recommend putting large prongs on collars smaller than 17 inches because there will be very few prongs on the smaller collars. Large prongs can work well with a breeds with extreamly heavy thick coats such as Old English sheepdogs.

Addition of an upgrade to a collar will make that collar into a Custom Collar and the collar will become non-returnable for any reason other than workmanship.