Reno Collar Upgrade

Keeper Collars

SKU: Reno Upgrade - Spring Loaded

The Reno style collar is a new limited slip design that does not use a martingale style tug.

The Reno comes in spring loaded and non-spring loaded versions.

For Keeper Collars with prongs, ONLY the spring loaded version should be selected. For Flat Collars, either the spring loaded version or the non-spring loaded version may be selected.

The spring loaded version instantly snaps back to it’s fully loose position the moment that leash pressure is released. The non-spring loaded version does NOT include the internal spring. The spring is built into the collar when it’s made and cannot be added once the collar is finished.

The Reno collar features a leather strap and buckle design. Because these are 1 sided pulls and with limited adjustment these collars are not recommended for young or growing dogs. These are collars for finished dogs that need a reminder.

The Reno is available for both Keeper Hidden Prong collars (Spring loaded version ONLY) and Flat collars (In either spring loaded or non-spring loaded versions)

The Reno option can only be added to collars with double leather lining.

Please note that these are NOT training collars! These are 'reminder collars' for fully trained dogs because the collar only pulls on one side, not both. Reno collars are also design to fit extra snugly on the dog's neck so that they stay in the correct position better. Because of this, they do seem small.

Addition of an upgrade to a collar will make that collar into a Custom Collar and the collar will become non-returnable for any reason other than workmanship.

Because spring loaded Reno collars are custom made, they are NOT refundable.