1 Inch Custom Hidden Prong Embroidered Collar

Keeper Collars


  • Embroider upper case text up to 14 spaces on your collar. You select your thread color.  The choices are:  Red, Black, Purple, Teal, Pink, White, and Navy Blue.  The medical symbol is ONLY available in red and white as shown.
  • For flat collars, you can select the color of webbing that you would like the text embroidered on to.  For hidden prong collars the embroidery can ONLY be done on the main collar webbing.(All embroidery will be done on Mil-Spec web.  On prong collars, the embroidery can only be done on the collar web itself.  Since flat collars are made using Heavy Duty web, the embroidery will have to be on a separate piece of Mil-Spec web which will be sewn to the collar.  There are color and texture differences between Heavy Duty and Mil-Spec web.  Even if the two webs have the same color name, colors may not match exactly.  Please see the webbing section of our site to see the differences.)
  • The only symbols available are a hyphen (dash) and the medical symbol pictured.  There is an additional $6.00 charge for including the medical symbol. 
  • The medical symbol counts as one space.  (Example:  Medical symbol (space) SERVICE (space) DOG = 13 spaces.  Or, a phone number (three numbers) (dash) (three numbers) (dash) (four numbers) = 12 spaces)
  • You can use numbers and upper case letters but no lower case letters.
  • The font pictured is the only one available. 

The text height will be sized to fit the webbing and is not customizable.

PLEASE NOTE: While we love to make collars specially designed by our customers, they are unique to THAT CUSTOMER and we cannot accept returns of custom collars for a refund. All of our collars, whether custom designed or from the Keeper’s Favorites collection, are covered by our limited lifetime warranty.