1 Inch Keeper's Hidden Prong Double Leather Swarovski Crystal Collar Silver and Gray Diamonds on Kelly Web with Metallic Silver and Red Leather and Chrome Hardware

Keeper Collars

SKU: SQ4628811

A double leather lined Favorites collar made with 1 inch webbing. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Crystals are attached to the collar securely. However, they can be removed if the dog scratches or rubs on the collar. This collar is not intended for every day ware, but for special occasions.

With the leather the finished collar is just over 1 1/2 inches wide depending on variances in individual leather hides.

Just select:

  • The size of the collar

Medium prongs are included in the price of the collar.

This collar comes with chrome hardware and a snap buckle.  The snap buckle color and tug color will be selected by us to compliment the other components of the collar.