1 Inch Custom Embroirdered Flat Leather Lined Collar

Keeper Collars


    • Embroider upper case text up to 14 spaces on your collar.
    • Select your Thread color: White, Pink, Red, Teal, Purple, Navy Blue and Black.
    • The medical symbol is ONLY available in red and white as shown and counts as 1 space.
    • Choose you Webbing color.
    • For flat collars, you can select the color of webbing that you would like the text embroidered on to.
    • (All embroidery will be done on Mil-Spec web. Since flat collars are made using Heavy Duty web, the embroidery will have to be on a separate piece of Mil-Spec web which will be sewn to the collar.  There are color and texture differences between Heavy Duty and Mil-Spec web.  Even if the two webs have the same color name, colors may not match exactly.  Please see the webbing section of our site to see the differences.)
    • Choose your leather color.
    • The ONLY symbols available are a hyphen (dash) and the medical symbol pictured.  There is an additional $6.00 charge for including the medical symbol.  (Example:  Medical symbol (space) SERVICE (space) DOG = 13 spaces.  Or, a phone number (three numbers) (dash) (three numbers) (dash) (four numbers) = 12 spaces)
    • You can use numbers and upper case letters but no lower case letters.

    PLEASE NOTE: While we love to make collars specially designed by our customers, they are unique to THAT CUSTOMER and we cannot accept returns of custom collars for a refund. All of our collars, whether custom designed or from the Keeper’s Favorites collection, are covered by our workmanship warranty.