Add AustriAlpin™ COBRA® Metal Buckle

Keeper Collars


AustriAlpin COBRA® Metal quick release buckle in black finish.

This is available for 1" and 1 1/2" wide collars.

The 1” wide Cobra® buckle is also available in two different strengths. There is the full strength. heavy duty, buckle with the force rating by the manufacturer and there is also a ‘fashion’ buckle that is not force rated. The fashion buckle is thinner and lighter than the other Cobra® buckles. We find that this buckle is a bit harder to open and close than the other Cobra® buckles but is still a high quality metal buckle. See the photos for size comparisons between the ‘fashion’ buckle and the other ‘Heavy Duty’ Cobra® buckles.

When ordering, you must select the buckle size that matches the webbing width of the collar that you want the buckle to be used on. It is not possible to use a buckle that is larger or smaller than the collar webbing width.

Addition of an upgrade to a collar will make that collar into a Custom Collar and the collar will become non-returnable for any reason other than workmanship.