Alterations and Repairs

Keeper Collars


Purchase this service to have a collar repaired or altered. This is for collars that are older than 30 days.

Repairs and alterations includes:

  • Lengthen or shorten a tug (for collars with tugs such as martingales and Keeper Collars.)

  • Replace a broken snap buckle

  • Replace a tug that has been chewed or frayed due to use

  • Shorten a collar by disassembling the collar and shortening the body of the collar.  This will result in one or more prongs being removed from the collar, depending on how much shorter the collar is made.

Repairs NOT included are:

  • Replacement or repair of ribbon

  • Replacement or repair of leather

So that we can get your collar done as soon as possible, please be sure to include the following IN THE PACKAGE along with your collar:

  • The order number for this alteration or repair. You will receive an email once you have placed the order and the order number is in that email.

  • Your full name and address so that we can be sure we can ship the collar back to you.

  • What it is that you want altered or repaired on the collar.

  • We will hold an Alteration and Repair order for 1 month from date of purchase.  If we haven't received your collar within that time we will then refund your purchase and you will need to re-purchase when you are ready to ship the collar to us.