1 1/2 Inch Custom Leather Lined Collar

Keeper Collars


  • 1 1/2 inch wide nylon web with buckle. With the leather the finished collar is just under 2 inches wide depending on variances in individual leather hides.

  • Ribbon accent

  • Medium prongs are included in the price of the collar

  • Welded steel leash ring

  • Chrome hardware (See Upgrade page to change to Brass hardware)

  • Sizing by 1 inch increments for a custom fit

  • 3" of adjustment

  • Click on photo for full size image and to see a closeup of how the collar is put together

Please call if you need any assistance in picking the collar you need or help in designing it.

PLEASE NOTE: While we love to make collars specially designed by our customers, they are unique to THAT CUSTOMER and we cannot accept returns of custom collars for a refund. All of our collars, whether custom designed or from the Keeper’s Favorites collection, are covered by our workmanship warranty