Are you interested in placing a Wholesale Order?

If you would like to order wholesale or be listed on our web site please email me at: so I can send you a Wholesale Form.

We want to make placing a wholesale order easier for you and easier for us to manufacture in a timely manner.  In order to do this, we need you to follow a couple of rules when placing your wholesale order.

1.  All collars in a wholesale order must have black leather and chrome hardware

2.  A minimum wholesale order is 8 collars.

3.  You need to select at least 3 collars of each webbing color, but can be of any size within that color. 

Example 1:  As part of your wholesale order, you can select 3 (or more) red mambas in the same or different sizes.  They could all be the same width or they could be different widths as long as they all have red webbing.

Example 2:  As part of your wholesale order, you can select 2 red mambas and a 1 inch Southwest on Red Web with Black Leather and Chrome Hardware.  All three collars have red webbing so that can make up part of your wholesale order.

Continue to add collars in minimum groups of 3 that use the same color webbing until you have at least 8 collars in your order.