Keeper Collar Gallery

 Custom Collar, 1" Gold, Olive and Red Ribbon

Custom Collar, 1 1/4" Gold, Black and Rust Oriental Ribbon

Favorite Collar, Triple Dog Dare Ya, Bronze, Orange and Copper Leather
Favorite Collar, Triple Dog Dare Ya, Metallic Silver, Red and Blue Leather
Custom Collar, 1 7/8" Gold, Silver and Blue Amarvati Ribbon 
Custom Collar, 1" Blue and Red Tie Dye Ribbon
Favorite Collar and Lead, 3/4" Arizona Ribbon
Custom Collar, 5/8" Colored Squares
Custom Collar, 1 1/8" Silver and Gold Knot Ribbon
Favorite Collar, 3/4" Gold with Pink Leaves Ribbon
Favorite Collar, VERY LIMITED QUANTITY, Purple Rain
Custom Collar, 1" Silver and Gray Skull and Cross Bones Ribbon
Favorite Collar, 1" Stars and Strips Ribbon
Favorite, 1" Gold and Green Diamonds or Silver and Blue Diamonds Ribbon
Favorite Collar and Lead, 7/8" Burgundy Celtic Knot Ribbon
Custom Collar, 5/8" Copper Sparkle Ribbon
Custom Lure Coursing Collar, 1 1/2" Silver and Purple Filigree Ribbon
Custom Collar, 7/8" Teal Zebra Ribbon
Custom Collar, Arizona Ribbon
Custom Collar, 7/8" Pink Zebra Ribbon
Favorite Collar, 1" Blue Konta
Favorite Collar, Gold and Lime Green Arrowhead