3/4 Inch Wide Keeper Double Handle Lead

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    A traditional leash with chrome or brass hardware and 3/4 inch wide nylon web through the entire leash from handle to clip for strength. The inside of the top handle is lined with leather for comfort. The handle by the collar clip is not lined.

    You can have the plain nylon web or choose a ribbon to match your collar. (For durability, the ribbon will only be on the outside of the leather lined handle at the top of the lead, not the entire lead and not at the second handle by the collar clip.)

    There is a D ring at the base of the top handle so that you can clip the leash around your neck when your dog is off lead and you can clip a poop bag holder to it as well.

    Keeper Leads come in three lengths, 4 foot, 5 foot and 6 foot. Length is measured from the D ring at the base of the handle to the top of the clip

    When ordering the Keeper Lead, you will need to select the length of the lead, the Nylon Web, Ribbon and Leather that you desire as well as whether you want chrome or brass hardware.

    1 product