Christmas Hidden Prong Collars

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    This collection features all sizes from 3/4 Inch to 1 1/2 Inch with Hidden Prongs.

    Some are made with Chrome Hardware and some are made with Brass Hardware.

    Some are made with Single Leather and some are made with Double Leather.

    You just need to select
    • The size of the collar

    Medium prongs are included in the price of the collar.

    These collars comes with hardware and a snap buckle.  The snap buckle color and tug color will be selected by us to compliment the other components of the collar.

    A Note About Ribbons and Swarovski Crystals:

    We build our collars with top grade materials and we stand behind the workmanship of all of our collars but we cannot warranty ribbon or crystal wear.

    CRYSTALS: The Crystals are attached to the collar securely. However, they can be removed if the dog scratches or rubs on the collar. This collar is not intended for every day ware, but for special occasions.

    RIBBONS: Ribbons are beautiful additions to collars but they are the weak link when it comes to wear. If your dog scratches at the collar, the ribbon will wear and fray!

    If your dog tends to scratch at their collar, consider our Mamba collar line. Because Mamba collars don’t have a ribbon, they will wear better and are more resistant to being scratched and rubbed.