3/4 Inch Keeper's Mamba Hidden Prong Collars

The Mamba collar will ship within 2 Business Days.

Mamba collars are made without ribbons and using military specification webbing so they are our most durable collar design.

A leather lined Favorites collar made with 3/4 inch webbing. 

With the leather the finished collar is just under 1 inch wide depending on variances in individual leather hides.

Just select:

  • The size of the collar ( 7” to 13” for micro prongs, 11” to 13” for medium prongs)

  • Prong size, Micro or Medium

This collar comes with chrome hardware and a snap buckle.  The snap buckle color and tug color will be selected by us to compliment the other components of the collar.

3/4 Inch Keeper's Mamba Hidden Prong Collars